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Step of Klay tobacco

Step of produce Klay tobacco
saving a tobacco leafs

1. Teanya or Yajood is leafs below save stick the soy 5-6 leafs for ripen.
2. Saving the second after save 5-7 day and sweep a sand called Klang orn .
3.Klang kae is saving in third time about 2-3 leafs
4. The top of Klay tobacco it is the best.

Curing a tobacco

1. When saving tobacco leafs and prepare a leafs to group then go to curing.
2.For curing tobacco leafs take a banana leaf lay on ground and put a tobacco and lean with house lid by pick tobacco leafs overlay and alternate 3-4 roll until be finished then use banana leafs close once more for protect sunlight and wind light the pace for cure should ventilates air.
Most framers are curing tobacco leafs on the hut and curing 4-5 night for slice.
Drawwing a tobacco leafs
Now a tobacco leafs have rather color yellow from curing then drawing by handful middle stalk and drawing by pull center of leaf go out until the end of leafs still keep a little the end of tobacco leafs and put overlay that be stack,100 leafs to stack .

Coiling a tobacco leafs
Coiling a tobacco leafs are so big first put a tobacco leafs before coiling then put a drawing tobacco about 5-7 leafs and coiling then bind with a rope.
Slicing tobacco

1.Catch a coiling tobacco leafs with lefts hand and catch a knife with right hand.
2.Right hand push a coiling tobacco leafs softly catch a knife by use a sharp of knife to slice.
Sun the tobacco

1.Arrange the tobacco that slice on wood stall weaves by do not thick or thin.
2.By sun a tobacco with one sunlight and must change on and below then shine upon a dew to one night.
Package of tobacco

Make a tobacco by join face to face to piece and package for sell.


700 to Kilogram
50 to piece
Produce of tobacco is old occupation of population of Tumbon Klay and near area Aumpur Thasala of Nakhon Si Thammarat.This occupation be regarded as folk wisdom that an ancestor created for use in household and sell for money to live

Equipment of Klay tobacco

Equipment of Klay tobacco
1.Wood stall weaves
2.Big knife and Crossbeam

3.Plastic Rope

Klay Tobacco

History of klay tobacco
Klay tobacco was grown in Tumbon Klay Aumpur Thasala Nakhon Si Thammarat Province and were most popular in area that know in quality and have soft line, dark color and famous in taste ,acridly smell and have very drunkenness from property of tobacco is pride with farmer.
At the beginning about one 100 years ago a villagers 7o-80 years old told that when was born they see ancestor were planted Klay tobacco and Klay tobacco was spread in near Tumbon such as Tumbon Sakeaw,Tumbon Kraror. Villagers were planted almost every the household use for smoke with Jag leafs in household and entertain the visitors or neighbor.

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The Beautiful Clock Bantam
Inventory for use
1. Poster paper ,color cream ,red, orange, dark green, light green
2.Latax glue
3.Roll eyes
1.Cut the body with cream poster paper follow model 1 piece and join face to face follow dashed line.
2.Cut the dewlap of chicken goose, crest and mouth follow model that kind to 1 piece and join face to face follow dashed line.
3.Cut inside chicken tail with orange poster paper and cut outside chicken tail with red poster paper follow kind to 2 piece that use keen end of the roundabout cut to a trace join face to face up and down follow dashed line.
4.Cut inside wing with dark green poster paper and cut out side wing with light green follow model kind to 2 piece use keen end of the roundabout cut follow dashed line to trace and join face to face up and down.

Leaning Log In Class

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Leaning Log In Class

Translation Headline English
In transalation English News have process are we should know sturcture
and use background knowladge.So the sturcture of English News are.....
Transalation Heading English News
such as Exports gai
FCT speeking yen loan in Japan
2.+=v-ed Pเป็นรูปที่ตัดมาจากกริยารูปกรรมวาจก ซึ่งบอกว่าประทานเป็นผู้รับผลของการกระทำ
such as Thai held in Malasia
Govt troop encircled
such as Major cuts in budgrt
Arm catch in Songkhla
4.N+to V.P. i รูป to V.P.เป็นรูปที่ตัดมาจากรูปเดิมของ (is,am,are) to verb ซึ่งบอกว่าเหตุการณ์จะเกิดขึ้น
such as New fund ton ease lone problem
Cement export to begin this mount
This maintion above is knowladge from translstion News with me and every body.I thing that translation is improtant in learning language and we can devolop various skills.


Mark decrease the knot world heritage

January 3 at the Government House Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva Prime Minister get be interviewed to proceeding policy that relation international between Thailand-Cambodia ,that the important of aim is did not want to saw the tension between two country, which the way that Thailand presented were did not gave about world heritage came to a problem ,by he has consulted with the Cambodia, that will give the responsible man come to talk for do not heritage world knot is conflict ,How get? Which Mr.Sungann ,Deputy Prime Minister and Cabinet Minister Permanent Prime Minister of Cambodia office will come to meet Mr.Suwit Khunkitti ,Cabinet Minister of the resource of the nature and the environment on this January.
Prime Minister has told that we hope that at least will have the progress do not want to get in trouble of tension in the heritage world committee meeting in this June and he still no meeting with Majesty Hunzen Prime Minister of Cambodia at this period ,but we were sure to meet in the meeting of Asian.
Mr.Suthaep Thuengsuban Deputy Prime Faction Stability Minister was mention Cambodia be dissatisfied Thai Government move committee border meditation shares Thai-Cambodia (JBC) go out several times that must explain to Cambodia understand in result ,in order that, while Mr Sungan Deputy Prime Minister of Cambodia will come to meet and consult with Mr.Suwit Khunkiti in issue world heritage still unfinished he will be speak with Mr.Songann about distribution the border, because remedy a problem is nothing better than speaking.

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เพลง คืนใจให้กัน

Music: Return the mind
Artist: Tukkatan Choolada
Words of a song

What was happened with we love?
This good in the old day , long ago is very lessen.
Like don’t care , how I am feel he not interested.
Try asked the heart ,Are you still love me ?
A little finger has ever to hook always , saw saw you.
pretend hold the things is busy.
The time walk together ,you are walks far me like would not to get close.
You make me can feel that you associate me with word endure .
*If love then make an effort , as a result return the heart .
Tell the thing that you want come out time.
If you think we are not sure, as a result don’t live because care a word of person.
If love travel the end of the road , otherwise we must terminate the relationship.
**Wait the answer that you keeps, when ready to go.
Help explain with me, when?
that your heart begin have not ,everything happen because me .
Or you are that change your mind.
Since you hart start no together.
Everything happen because me or that you.....are chang your mind.


ศิลปิน :ตักแตน ชลดา

เหมือนไม่แคร์กัน ฉันรู้สึกยังไงก็ช่าง
ลองถามหัวใจดูบ้าง ว่ายังรักกันอยู่มั้ย
เธอทำให้ฉันเหมือนรู้สึกได้ ว่าคยฉันไปด้วยคำว่า ทน
*ถ้ารักกันไปแล้วฝืน ก็คืนหัวใจให้กัน
หากคิดว่าเราไม่ใช่ ก็อย่าอยู่ไปเพราะแคร์คำคน
หากรักเดินทางมาสุดถนน งั้นเราสองคนคงต้องเลิกกัน
ทุกอย่างเกิดขึ้นเพราะฉัน หรือเธอนั้นเป็นคนเปลี่ยนใจ
ทุกอย่างเกิดขึ้นเพราะฉัน หรือเธอนั้น...เป็นคนเปลี่ยนใจ